Welcome to Courageously You! Courage is defined as rage of the heart.  It is finding the strength to act on something that feels uncomfortable, frightening, and sometimes, exhilarating – but deeply true. I believe that people are born with courage as a natural trait and it can get covered up throughout life due to many factors. But the truth remains in our hearts. And it can get buried deeper and deeper until we start to accept the reality that we live in as ‘just the way things are,’ and believe that ‘they’re never going to change.’ Living this way can feel safe, but also very frustrating, sad and hopeless.

It is possible to live differently and to learn to take risks in your life that result in deep joy and feeling fully alive. Ask yourself, do you hear whispers of a rage in your heart? Will you listen and take the risk to explore them? Cultivating courage is the most important piece in the process of healing and change as it begs for you to connect with your true self and fully embody what your heart is calling out for you to do. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, it may be time for you to strengthen your courage muscle:

  • You feel invisible or small much of the time.
  • You are very competent, but lack confidence.
  • You sense more is possible for you, but you don’t know how to make it so.
  • You experience anger and aren’t sure why.
  • You are repeating patterns in your life that don’t serve you.

It IS possible to overcome these symptoms and to feel deeply connected to yourself, your creator, and others in a way that allows you to thrive in your life. It can be overwhelming to embark on the path of change and take emotional risks on your own.  It helps to have a coach to support you on your journey.  You are worth it. You get one life to live, so why not live it with complete authenticity and courage? I will assist you in doing so.

Support has always been crucial to my growth and success in life, and I know it is for you, too.  It is my deep desire to help you access the courage that you were born with, but perhaps it’s gotten buried throughout your lifetime. It is time to celebrate who you are and to come home – to yourself.

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“Sometimes you don’t know your true strength until someone else helps point it out to you. The guidance that I received from Darcy was simple and straightforward but very powerful. It shifted my thoughts from passive to active so that I could focus more on “what could be” vs. worrying about failure. I still have to work at this every day, however, now I know better how to do so.”
— Regina M., Director of Strategic Analitycs
“Working with Darcy was truly the pinnacle in my healing and becoming whole again. She taught me how to really love and embrace myself at every stage in my journey. I’m forever grateful.”
— Abby N.
“Darcy has been instrumental in the work I have done to transform my life. I feel she really sees me for who I am and has taught me to do the same. If you have an opportunity to work with Darcy in any aspect of your life where you would like to feel more empowered, you will be in good hands.”
— Ellen K.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.

e.e. Cummings

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